446 W. 36th St.,
New York NY 10018

(212) 629-7440

MCCNY Homeless Youth Services: Sylvia’s Place is the starting point for New York City’s LGBTQI youth in crisis. Integrating case management with mental health services while stressing the unique strengths and potential of each youth, MCCNY Homeless Youth Services has developed a proven method for serving LGBTQI youth in crisis.

This method has been modeled by service providers across the country and around the world.

Sylvia Rivera - Founder

MCCNY Homeless Youth Services is committed to turning the short time (up to 90 days) that youth spend as residents into a time of growth, safety and opportunity. MCCNY Homeless Youth Services provides:

- Drop in services provided 6 days a week 5-9 Mon-Sat
- Emergency overnight services
- Connections to long-term housing
- Case management
- Advocacy groups
- Showers
- Hot meals

Youth who come to MCCNY Homeless Youth Services often arrive in the city with dreams of Chelsea, but find the immediate help they need in Hell’s Kitchen. Many of these youth have histories of abuse, and most have experienced discrimination or violence at mainstream shelters.

MCCNY Homeless Youth Services is one of the only shelters in the city that accepts youth directly off the street, without a referral.

MCCNY Homeless Youth Services prioritizes the most underserved LGBTQI youth, including transgender and intersex youth, youth experiencing trauma, and those living with HIV/AIDS.

Specific drop-in hours for 18-24-year-old LGBTQI+ runaway and homeless youth begin at 5pm M-F

For more information about MCCNY Homeless Youth Services or to refer an LGBTQI youth in crisis, contact sergio.mcc.ny@gmail.com  MCCNY Charities Director of Community Programs