Other Sheep: Kerala, India Translation / Publication and Seminar Project
Other Sheep is a multicultural, ecumenical Christian ministry that works worldwide for the full inclusion of LGBT people of faith within their respective faith traditions.

Other Sheep motto: “ . . . connecting people with people and people with resources . . . “

Rev. Stephen Parelli has served as Exectuive Director of Other Sheep since 2005. He received extraordinary clergy credentials through the Office of Moderator of the Metropolitan Community Churches, May 2009 and is an active member of MCCNY.

Nepali Translation / Publication Project
  • Sponsors: Jesus MCC, Indianapolis, Indiana; Prof. David Joy of United Theological College, Bangalore, India; Trivandrum Theological Forum and Other Sheep
  • Objective #1 – to translate into Malayalam, the language of the state of Kerala, India, the book The Children Are Free and to print 1,000 copies by May 2011. To be released at the May 2011 Trivandrum Seminar for lay leaders
  • Objective #2 – to help finance the May 2011 three day Trivandrum seminar for Christian lay leaders; topic – human sexuality and religion. The translation will be released with media coverage during the seminar
  • Objective #3 – for Other Sheep to participant in the annual 2011 Trivandrum seminar for Christian lay leaders. Other Sheep will be given a full day for workshops on homosexuality and the Bible.

Projects Currently in Need of Funding
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Printing (1,000 copies)
Three day May 2011 Seminar – speakers, facilities, etc.
Other Sheep at the Seminar (travel costs and expenses)
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