The Global Justice Ministry
In 2005, the Global Justice Ministry of Metropolitan Community Churches was launched by The Rev. Elder Nancy Wilson, Moderator, under the leadership of MCCNY's Pastor, Rev. Pat, who now serves as Chair of both the Global Justice Team and the Public Policy Team of MCC globally. We seek to connect with advocates and spiritual activists on the ground, build partnerships and together develop strategies and programs that further justice for LGBTQI people around the globe. Our Public Policy Team addresses issues of US policy as it effects LGBTQI people both within the United States and around the world. On behalf of Global Justice, Rev. Pat and members of her teams regularly travel throughout Africa, Latin America, Eastern Europe, and Southeast Asia, including Pakistan.

Projects Currently in Need of Funding
       Help fund the entire project:
notebooks, pencils and backpacks for a children's school in Sadoke, Pakistan
Food for houses of trans women in Faisalabad and Bagrian
one month's rent at MCCNY's parish extension in Kuala Lampur providing safe space to worship and meet
a month of schooling and stipend for the Lesbian Education Project in Pakistan
Round-trip airline ticket to China
Round-trip airline ticket to Pakistan
       ... or donate an optional amount:

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